Media Booking

Media booking is a very important part of your marketing campaign planning. It is not just negotiation for advertising space, media booking is much more!

Media booking is a data-driven process that ensures the smart investment of your marketing campaigns budget, at the best price and right concept.

There are 4 steps in Media Bookings:

  • Research for the right media,
  • Analyze the media
  • Negotiate for the price,
  • Measure the results

The first step in the Media Booking process is research for the right media to advertise your business. Online or Offline, advertising spaces have to be suitable for your business and conveniently to your customers.

After the search is completed, we step forward for the next step in the Media Booking process – Analyze The Media. This is a data-driven process where we analyze all aspects of the chosen media: visibility, coverage, and max reach of your advert. The results from this step allow us to choose only the best media for your campaign and maximize ROI.

After the right media is chosen, we will start the negotiation process, arrange technical requirements for your campaign, and ensure the best price.

When the campaign starts, we constantly measure the performance of the campaign in order to provide the best results and ROI for our clients.