Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is taking over TV, Radio and Print advertising every day. It gives you the opportunity to reach global audience with very affordable price.
Besides price, digital marketing gives you a lot more opportunity to target your audience and find your future customers. Digital marketing allows you to advertise your business, service or product across all devices, anytime and anywhere.
Another advantage of digital marketing is measurement! Every campaign can be measured, very precisely with deep segmentation by gender, age, interests…
Digital marketing gives us an opportunity of remarketing, to advertise your product or services to people who visited your website but haven’t purchased or book your service/product.

Digital Marketing services we offer:

Many years of experience allows us to offer you a vast selection of digital marketing services:

  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Google YouTube Advertising
  • Google Remarketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Instagram Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

With more than a billion users Facebook gives us enormous opportunities to advertise your business, product or service.

Facebook is an ideal platform if your business needs:

Branding – to reach the maximum number of people with your adverts
Targeted campaigns – to reach specific, targeted audience which is interested in your product or service or did show interest before
Website visits – advertising your website to a specific audience which is the most likely interested to visit your website and interact
Video promotion – promotion of your video commercials to a targeted or wide audience
Engagement campaign – to boost your business goals (online shopping, booking, interactions…) by promoting your website to the very specific audience
Remarketing – to advertise your business, product or service to the audience who interacted with your business before (liked your photo or video, visited your website…)

Google Search Advertising

Google AdWords Search advertising is one of the most popular advertising channel and one of the most affordable. It gives you the opportunity to advertise your business, product or service to people who are searching for it at the moment, choosing the right key words. Google Search Advertising is PPC based advertising (Pay – Per – Click) so you are in a position to control your daily, monthly or total budget of your campaign.

Google Display Advertising

Google Display Advertising is a part of Google AdWords network which gives you an opportunity to advertise your business, service or product via banners, across websites locally or global. Google Display advertising allows you to target your audience by location, age, gender, interests or even your own keywords. You may use Google Display Advertising for your remarketing campaign, also. With Google Display advertising, you may choose a vast selection of banners sizes so you are able to display your campaign on all devices. The banners can be static, in GIF format or even dynamic, made in HTML 5 code language.
Google Display advertising has 2 payment method, PPC – When you are charged every time when somebody clicks on your banner and PPM (Pay Per Mile) when you are charged per 1 000 impressions of your banners.

Google YouTube advertising

YouTube is the most popular video platform and Google YouTube advertising gives you an opportunity to advertise your business, products or services via video or banner on it.

You may choose between 2 types of advertising on the YouTube platform, to show your video commercial on the beginning of the video, or somewhere inside the video. You may also target your preferable audience for the campaign. Like any Google products, you may control your budget and you may choose different payment methods for your campaign.


Remarketing tools allows you to advertise your website, products or service to people who visited your website in the past. You can target all visitors which previewed a certain product or page on your website. When it comes to online shops, Remarketing gives you an opportunity to target your visitors which visited a certain product on your website or one which hasn’t made a purchase.