Move on, while others are sleeping!

Duo to the current situation with COVID 19, Malta is facing an unenviable situation. Businesses are closed, employees on unpaid leave or fired, the financial power of citizens is weaker day by day and nobody can predict when the current situation is going to end.

So, what can you do?

Move on, while others are sleeping!

Now, while your business is closed or operating on reduced hours, is the perfect time to focus on the next step, modernise your business and be ready and prepared to start after this situation pass. 

What have we learned so far?

The current Covid 19 situation in Malta, have taught us that it is very important, or better say, crucial, to have an E-commerce website. 

In March 2020, during safety measures recommended by Authorities of Malta regarding self-isolation and avoiding crowd and public spaces, people have developed a new behaviour when it comes to shopping – Online shipping. Instead of visiting your shop in order to purchase a product or service, your customers will prefer to do it online, on your website. Why? The answer is easy. It is safer, easier for them and time-saving. Apart from the purchase, it is important to provide your customers with the possibility of online payment, and delivery, as well. 

Also, communication with your clients is now more important than ever. Apart from the conventional ways of communications, phone and email, it is the perfect time to give a new range of communication channels to your clients. 

Opportunities are endless. From our experience, we suggest the following: 

WhatsApp chat on your website – This will give an opportunity to your website visitors to contact you via WhatsApp, straight from your website, on their phone or other devices. 

Facebook messenger on your website – This plugin gives an opportunity to your clients to send you a message or ask a question, without leaving your website, through the most popular social network, Facebook. 

So, you have 2 options: Wait until everything goes and do nothing, or…grab the opportunity, move on, while others are sleeping!

We are here for all your business needs. We have prepared a special promotion for your new eCommerce website because we respect people like you and us. People who never surrender and always ready to move on, no matter how much the situation is bad.