Ecommerce website development starting from €899

Ecommerce website gives you many opportunities to reach new clients and stay in touch with old ones. It gives you an opportunity to reach the global market, and promote your products worldwide.

In the current situation, when Malta is struggling with the COVID 19, an eCommerce website helps to fight the virus and, we will be free to say, saves lives by giving an opportunity to customers to purchase products or services online and pay, safe from their home, avoiding the crowd, other people and minimising the risk of the virus spreading. 

Let’s fight this together!

Due to the current situation in Malta, we are offering a special promotion for the development of a new eCommerce website, starting from eur 899

What you will get?

Brand new eCommerce website developed by the latest web standards, (full responsive, user friendly, fast and secure)

Easy online store management – in just a few clicks you can edit your stock, add a new product, edit or delete current ones

Invoicing system – after every purchase, the system will prepare an invoice, one for you and another one for your customer

Email notification system – After every purchase, the system of your store will send a notification of new order. In just a few clicks you can notify your client with an email about the status of their order. 

Payment gateway – eCommerce without online payment is not e-commerce! We will integrate a payment gateway into your e-commerce website, together with the “Pay with PayPal” option or a direct bank transfer. 

FREE Hosting – For us is crucial that your webshop is always online and to load fast, so we will provide one year of free web hosting (renewal eur 160)

FREE SSL certificate  – Security is important! Using our hosting, you will get a free SSL certificate, in order to provide encrypted connection between your customers, you and your bank or payment provider. All data are encrypted and safe from evil eyes. 

Communication integration – We will integrate communication plugins into your website: WhatsApp for Business, Facebook Messenger or other, more complex chat plugin in order to keep communications easy. 

Newsletter – To keep in touch with your old clients by sending news or promotions, we will integrate a newsletter plugin into your website. 

Is it hard to manage the website? 

Of course NO. 

We will provide a video and written instruction on how to manage your stock and products. You don’t have to have previous knowledge in web development or any programming language. Everything is done in just a few clicks. 

For how much time my e-commerce website can be ready?

It depends on the complexity. For less complex projects we can promise that it will be launched in 7 days